ICT lab (Computers)
Computer Education forms Standard. Computer Education is of vital importance in the school curriculum and is compulsory for all students from class 3 onwards.
The Department houses 25 PCs with latest peripherals (Computer & Student Ratio is 1:2). Scientifically, devised curriculum eases the burden of the children. The Department also renders help in evaluating children in various subjects.
Science Laboratories
The faculty of science revolves around the basic principles of reasoning and realizing the truth in the light of experimentation; it is but natural that the Laboratory forms the soul of the department. The department prepares children for science exhibitions, which are held in the city at different levels. This is done with a view to have children exposed to wider perspectives and applications of the scientific methods and research in the outer world.
Audiovisual Education
 “One Picture Is Worth Ten Thousand Words.”
Audiovisual education revolves around to encompass various concepts, for easy grasp, and to transform them into a joyful learning.

Smart Class (Interactive Digital Board Equipped Class) 

Students learn difficult and abstract curriculum concepts watching highly engaging visuals and animations. This makes learning an enjoyable experience for students while improving their overall academic performance in school.
The School Library is a temple of knowledge and heart of the school. It treasures above 4000,Text and Story Books, Novels, Encyclopedias, Reference Books, CD’s, DVD’s, Leading National News Papers, Journals, Magazines for the attainment of knowledge and to keep the students abreast of the happenings around the world. To promote love for books and to inculcate the habit of reading, some children donate books to the library on their birthdays or any other occasions.
The school has music classes. It includes Tabla, Casio, Congo, Harmonium, Flute etc. Also vocal training is given by the teachers. Music competitions are also conducted by the school for the students.