The school does different events depending on the occasions. Recently the school did an adventure camp which was really successful. Students participated in all those events and enjoyed a lot. The reason for this camp was to teach students how to survive in situations which are not in their favour and also to overcome the fear.

The school is conducting summer camp every year for the students and for others also. The summer camp has different events such as Music, Drawing, Skating, Spoken English, Chess, Cricket etc.


  1. Adventure Camp
  2. Radio Jockey Workshop
  3. Science Exhibition
  4. Felicitation program (For extraordinary achievements of students and teachers)
  5. Personality Contest
  6. Music Competition (Late Shri Devendrabhai Patel Memorial)
  7. Table Tennis Coaching Camp by all India TT Federation
  8. Field visits
  9. Long Tour (Fun Trip)
  10. Quiz Competition – 12th January (Swami Vivekanand Memorial)
  11. Spell bee competition
  12. ‘uUgsa eqUgksa dh nqfu;k’ a summer camp for kids
  13. Activity Center….. coaching of various skills through out the year
  14. Folk fitness…. practicising folk dances for physical fitness
  15. Music workshop…. for budding musicians
  16. Story Telling Workshop
  17. Health & hygiene:
  1. Medical Check-up Camp
  2. Teenage orientation programme by Doctor
  3. First Aid Training
  4. Incinerator for hygiene