Q.1- What is the future infrastructure?

Ans– As per the parent’s handbook, various kind of facilities will be included in the premises. A full green panoramic atmosphere will certainly surround the school.

Q.2 What is the the strength per class?

Ans- The student-teacher ratio per class will be 20:1 or 25:1.

Q.3- What is the fee structure?

Ans- The fee structure will be considerably affordable and timely changeable after every 2 years. However, if the parents/guardians pay full fees in one installment there would be certain amount of concession.


Q.4 Is there any lunch facilities and what is the cost?

Ans- No lunch facility is available as it is not a residential school.

Q.5 What is the transport system and what is the fee?

Ans- Transport system consists of buses and vans permitted by the Motor Vehicles Department (R.T.O). Fees for transport depends on the distance of pick up point. It may change as per the decision of transport management committee of the school.

 Q.6 What are the activities held in the school other than the studies?

Ans- Lot of activities like adventure camp,Science Olympiads, Govt. Scholarship exam, drawing competition, student assessment program (SAP), summer camp,music competition, science exhibition, abacus etc. are held in the school.

Q.7 Does school provide any competitive coaching classes?

Ans- Yes, the school provides competitive coaching classes such as Scholarship, MTSE, NTSE, Science Olympiads Foundation (SOF) etc.

Q.8 Does the school provide any tours and travels?

Ans- Yes, regular tours and travels are organised by the school for the academic development of the students.

Q.9 How far is the school from city centre?

Ans- The school is roughly 2.5 Km’s away from the city centre.

Q.10 What are the facilities for sports?

Ans- Different kinds of sports such as chess, cricket, football, archery, basketball, badminton etc. are provided by the school. The school is also connected to Sportsathon.

Q. 11 Is there E-learning facility in the school?

Ans- Yes, there is E-learning facility in the school.

Q.12 Is there a computer lab in the school?

Ans- Yes, the school does have a well furnished computer lab.


Note:- For any further information parent’s hand book is available at reception in the school office.