At the very outset, I would like to compliment you for the faith, the confidence and the interest you all have shown in Vivek Mandir School. It is heartening to know that Vivek Mandir School is making progress in all spheres of activities, be it academic, co-curricular, sports, environmental, use of technology and modern concept of education or community service.

Whatever milestones the School has achieved since its establishment in 1995, could not have been possible without the wholehearted support & co-operation of the parent community. I do hope the inspiration and support from the parents will continue to nurture & nourish the institution.

Similarly, I owe my gratitude towards all the teachers instrumental in achieving this height.

The objectives of the VMG are to impart quality education and inculcate right values among the children, which is prime need of this era. On behalf of the school and its managing committee, I take this opportunity to dedicate us to the task of laying a strong foundation for the India of tomorrow.

Mr. Deepam Patel

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